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The Germans take renewable energy seriously – Guardian

The Germans take renewable energy seriously – Guardian (via Danny Yee’s blog – Pathologically Polymathic): Germany’s renewable energy revolution leaves UK in the shadeThe country expects renewables to contribute 35% electricity by 2020 – no matter what the cost I’ve seen … Continue reading

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On cycling

It was just over a year ago that I decided to get more serious about cycling to work. (I used to cycle all the time, but got lazy after moving to London.) So on 25th April last year I bought … Continue reading

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BT broadband: breaking the web

Not content with providing sluggish broadband, BT have now stepped up their efforts to screw home broadband by adding insidious DNS lookup interceptions. You know the thing: it’s where inept infrastructure companies decide they can provide a better “user experience” … Continue reading

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They stole our revolution

BBC iPlayer is great. Except: if you dislike Flash if you’re a Free and Open Source Software user if you’re out of the country on business you prefer the command line you’re a militant license-payer who believes you should have … Continue reading

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In honour of my new bike, here’s a bunch of bike links: www.waterscape.com/in-your-area/london maps.camdencyclists.org.uk/allroutes/ www.bikemap.net/route/437398 in particular looks interesting and in general www.bikemap.net/ london.cyclestreets.net/ seems way better than the TFL cycle route planner www.sustrans.org.uk/ also got stuff from them in … Continue reading

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No escape

I had a cunning plan to sneak back to Norwich tonight, to pick up some paperwork, water the plants, and so on. Unfortunately our great rail network had other plans: “Operating incident”, I was reliably informed by the guy at … Continue reading

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Homing in

I guess my recent dopplr update now makes a little more sense: Gianugo’s off to London. All change!

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Open Source software: is it really a free lunch?

This evening I’m participating in a debate alongside a legal counsel from Microsoft Research, looking at the rights, obligations and intellectual property issues around Open Source software. It’s organised by the Cambridge Network, and promises to be an interesting discussion … Continue reading

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And I thought yesterday was bad …

(Caution: petulant ranting follows) Yesterday I spent nine and a half hours on trains for a one hour meeting. It’s just the way it goes sometimes, and I got a fair amount of work done on the trains. On the … Continue reading

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