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Office 365

I want to give Microsoft Office 365 a chance. But it’s just a terrible and incomplete experience. Herein my tale of woe. ~ I received a link to a folder from a co-worker. I need to keep up-to-date on the … Continue reading

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Installing Windows on a Macbook Pro without a Superdrive

So you want to install Windows on your Macbook Pro? It’s easy, as long as you haven’t replaced your internal SuperDrive with an SSD upgrade. The Apple Boot Camp Assistant doesn’t let you create a bootable USB if you’re on … Continue reading

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Windows 8 on an ExoPC Slate

The Windows 8 Developer Preview is out, with the new (straight from Windows Phone 7) Metro touch UI. On Wednesday, I asked if it would run on an ExoPC: You’ll recall that Intel gave out ExoPC slate devices to developers … Continue reading

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Open Source software: is it really a free lunch?

This evening I’m participating in a debate alongside a legal counsel from Microsoft Research, looking at the rights, obligations and intellectual property issues around Open Source software. It’s organised by the Cambridge Network, and promises to be an interesting discussion … Continue reading

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Asking for trouble

Via TUAW: Microsoft are running a Vista quiz prior to sending people Vista CDs. For laughs I filled it in, getting an exceptional one answer out of eight correct. I think Microsoft might be taking a bit of a risk … Continue reading

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