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NatWest iPhone App

It’s not a huge surprise that the iPhone app for NatWest users is a big user experience disaster. Never mind that during sign-up the bank asks you to submit your card number and security code, or that they ask you … Continue reading

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Tethered to o2

I’m on a train tomorrow, and thought it was a good opportunity to use my phone as a wifi hotspot. This works flawlessly with the Samsung Wave 3 (though the GUI to turn it on is a bit suboptimal). It … Continue reading

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iPhone 5

Aww hell, I don’t really like writing about Apple these days since it’s often a cheap route to page views, but here’s a few things. Firstly, Horace Dediu is obviously right in his article “Why is there no iPhone 5?“. … Continue reading

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Flash the future

There’s been some truly fascinating shifts in the world of computing, mobile and the technology ecosystem over the last few weeks. Here’s just a few links that sum up where things are going. Firstly, the much-circulated, oft-quoted “The real reason … Continue reading

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In my opinion, the Palm Pre is one of the very best smartphones on the market today. I don’t say this lightly – I’ve come to this opinion after using it solidly since December, alongside an iPhone, HTC Hero, Google … Continue reading

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The Palm Pre

(Fri 13 Aug 2010: This was supposed to be posted back in 2009, but for some reason sat in ecto’s drafts queue … posting it now for completeness, posterity and so I can link to it in the future.) I … Continue reading

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QT, GTK, Widget Toolkits, Web UIs

Toward the end of last week, Nokia made the announcement that they would add LGPL as a license option to the QT toolkit. QT is a highly-polished, well documented modern GUI toolkit – some consider it to be the best … Continue reading

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Going down a storm

I got a chance to play briefly with the new Blackberry Storm yesterday. First impressions were that it feels bulkier than the iPhone, but is a nice enough looking device. I wasn’t too keen on the italics on the keyboard, … Continue reading

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iPhone update

So, it’s been a week of living with the iPhone, how’s it going? Mostly, pretty good. I’m still in awe of the fact that a mobile phone has some basic usability added to it, and that to do anything I … Continue reading

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Apple phone

There’s one thing that confuses me amid all the “backlash” against the iPhone: people are complaining that you can’t remove the battery. The only time I’ve ever removed the battery on my ‘ordinary’ phones is when they crash. Assuming there’s … Continue reading

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