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The WordPress iPad app

Next up in my tour of iPad blog clients: the official WordPress app. Categories – check. Tagging – check. Uncomfortably accurate geotagging – check (though thankfully only at the resolution of “Andrew’s street” and not “sat in the lounge”). Ugly … Continue reading

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Stab in the eye

Gruber: The iPad display is so good that it shows, like no device before it, just how crummy most images on the web are. For those that didn’t know already, let this serve as fair warning: mobile network operators that … Continue reading

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The Lonesome Success of WebOS

In an overly dramatic article on Techcrunch, John Biggs talks about “The Lonesome Death of WebOS“. He cites some seemingly-poor sales of TouchPads through Woot, just 612 versus 2,288 for the Motorola Xoom. He then goes on to talk about … Continue reading

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I started using the Kindle app on the iPad back in June 2010, and then frustrated by the weight and battery life of the iPad, I bought a Kindle in October. I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of … Continue reading

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