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This just happened: And so this just happened: Dear Principal Cullum, I frequently commute by bicycle past your school, traveling down Heath Road toward Weybridge. I have often observed that parents tend to let their children out of their cars … Continue reading

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Open letter to ExCel London

Following my frustration at the DroidCon venue having no cycle facilities (tweet tweet), I was pleased to see that ExCel London (host of Nokia World 2011) do in theory have secure bike parking. It took a while to find this … Continue reading

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On cycling

It was just over a year ago that I decided to get more serious about cycling to work. (I used to cycle all the time, but got lazy after moving to London.) So on 25th April last year I bought … Continue reading

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Video toys

I’ve been thinking of getting a camera to video my cycle commute for a while. Helmet cameras capture bad driving and cyclist wears a helmet camera to film abusive drivers and Urban Cycling. So I got myself a Muvi Micro … Continue reading

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Service this

Serviced offices make an awful lot of sense for some companies. I’ve spent many years working in them, for example at The Royal (with ballroom!) and the Norwich Bio-Incubator (with swimming pool!) Flexibility of lease, all-inclusive pricing, mixing with other … Continue reading

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Insult to injury

I thought I had won. I’ve been trying to get back to Norwich for a few days now. I was due to drive back last weekend, but the heat was already too intense at 8am to justify sitting in a … Continue reading

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In honour of my new bike, here’s a bunch of bike links: www.waterscape.com/in-your-area/london maps.camdencyclists.org.uk/allroutes/ www.bikemap.net/route/437398 in particular looks interesting and in general www.bikemap.net/ london.cyclestreets.net/ seems way better than the TFL cycle route planner www.sustrans.org.uk/ also got stuff from them in … Continue reading

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My home and work on google maps

When Paul told me last night that Google Maps now did satellite, I didn’t realise he was talking about the high-resolution photos that are now available (low-res was available for a while now). Ugo links to his home, so I’m … Continue reading

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New new bike!

The new new bike just showed up. Woohoo! Or not. Click the picture, watch the video. Something not quite right there… Luckily I still have the front wheel from the old new bike, so I can cobble together one working … Continue reading

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2004: quick review

Hmmm, just thought it’d be useful to look at the main events of 2004 so I can judge whether 2005 was any better this time next year. In business, we chased two major contracts with international support from our Orixo … Continue reading

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