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Sony Smart Watch 2

I’ve been playing around with a Sony SmartWatch 2. Herein some thoughts on wearable devices and smart watches. There’s been several iterations of the smart watch idea. The Verge smartwatch roundup covers the state of play; The Independent has an … Continue reading

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I was encouraged to purchase a Fitbug as part of the healthcare scheme I’m a member of. The more I walk around, the more benefits I get from the scheme. Of course this makes sense – a fitter, healthier, more … Continue reading

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Books 8

A year and a month since the last list. I need to update this more often. Here’s what I’ve been reading. Disclosure: links are affiliate, so if you buy through them I in theory get some money (although I haven’t … Continue reading

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Amazon, Kindle, reading lists

I’m preparing a blog post with a list of the latest books I’ve read, and in the process, I’ve been reminded of the awful Amazon experience. For starters, I’d like to have better integration between my Kindle, goodreads, calibre, and this blog, … Continue reading

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Blogging elsewhere

Here’s a quick summary of the articles I’ve posted over on the Adobe Experience Delivers blog. This is in some small part an apology for being so quiet here. Again. Package Share and the Adobe CQ Package Share Contest. Adobe … Continue reading

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