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Samsung Bada 2.0 Developer Day

At the start of November, Samsung held a Bada Developer Day to herald the launch of Bada 2.0. This followed on from theĀ 2010 Samsung Bada developer day they held (I took some pictures during the 2010 event). ~ Bada was … Continue reading

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Installing Windows on a Macbook Pro without a Superdrive

So you want to install Windows on your Macbook Pro? It’s easy, as long as you haven’t replaced your internal SuperDrive with an SSD upgrade. The Apple Boot Camp Assistant doesn’t let you create a bootable USB if you’re on … Continue reading

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CentOS 5.7 Guest with VirtualBox

If you’re trying to install the VirtualBox guest additions on a fresh CentOS install, you may find that the kernel drivers compilation fails. To work around it, try this as root: yum install gcc kernel kernel-devel -y That worked for … Continue reading

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Save UEA Music

As an alumnus of the University of East Anglia (in Computing), I was shocked to hear that UEA are closing the School of Music. As an Honorary Research Fellow of the School of Music, who saw first-hand some of the … Continue reading

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