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Tizen. Word is finally out about the Intel-Samsung ‘merger’ of their Linux platforms.¬†In a single step, a number of crippled initiatives are given new legs, and the mystery behind the stories of Intel abandoning MeeGo and Samsung acquiring MeeGo are … Continue reading

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Brand crazy

We’re in an ever-increasingly brand-led society, where consumers are more market-savvy than ever before, whilst being bombarded on all sides by sophisticated marketing messages. On the high street as a mobile phone retailer, you are fighting against some brand heavyweights, … Continue reading

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Windows 8 on an ExoPC Slate

The Windows 8 Developer Preview is out, with the new (straight from Windows Phone 7) Metro touch UI. On Wednesday, I asked if it would run on an ExoPC: You’ll recall that Intel gave out ExoPC slate devices to developers … Continue reading

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TransferSummit 2011

I think Transfer Summit is fast becoming my favourite conference. It’s like a happy mashup of IWMWs of yore (and even had Brian Kelly attending this year – it was great to catch up with him!) and ApacheCon. The mix … Continue reading

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Home office essentials

I’ve been working at home quite a bit recently, following my change in employment status. As a result, I’ve been buying a few bits and pieces to make life easier. Therefore, some reviews. ~ First up, a¬†Sennheiser PC36 USB Plug … Continue reading

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Books 4

A couple of months already since my last reading update. A couple of busy months, so not much was actually read, but here’s what I did get through: Deja Vu: A Technothriller (The Saskia Brandt Series) by Ian Hocking, and … Continue reading

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