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This is a reminder to me-in-the-future. I use Yojimbo to store various bits and pieces, and for a long while have stored the data in Dropbox because the MobileMe Yojimbo sync was so flakey. After my install of Lion, this … Continue reading

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All Change

As of Friday last week, I no longer work for LiMo Foundation, as they no longer need anyone for code hosting, analysis, and Open Source activities. It’s been a challenging, exciting and interesting two and a half years, and I’ve … Continue reading

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The HP TouchPad

Today is the official launch day of the HP TouchPad in the UK. There’s some great write-ups by Ian Beck (who also wrote the app TapNote), Zhephree (Foursquare for WebOS), Shawn Blanc (“the TouchPad is less than the sum of its parts“), … Continue reading

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MeeGo and the ExoPC

At the MeeGo event on Tuesday, all the developers in attendance were given an ExoPC. Huge thanks and recognition should go to Intel for putting their money where their mouth is, for pushing out reference devices to app developers. This … Continue reading

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Insurance Woes

You may recall my bike got stolen. It was locked, stored in a locked steel cage, in a locked underground car park covered by CCTV. It really couldn’t have been much more secure. After reporting the claim and clarifying details … Continue reading

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Recent events part two

On Tuesday evening, I attended the Intel AppUp Application Lab at Skills Matter. This slightly schizophrenic event was part developer engagement for Intel’s AppUp app store (on Windows XP, Windows 7 and MeeGo) and part MeeGo developer engagement. Despite the dual … Continue reading

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This week in “Someone is wrong on the Internet”

Sometimes my life really feels like Motorola are spending money to advertise their XOOM tablet on Google. Go ahead, search for it. Type “motorola xoom” into the search box. The first sponsored result is usually Motorola’s advert, and it … Continue reading

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Recent events part one

It’s a busy week. On Monday, I attended Mobile Monday London for The State of the Developer Nation, an event focussing on what the developer ecosystem think about the players in the mobile industry. The report itself is available as … Continue reading

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