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Testing ecto 3

Just a quick check to see how ecto 3 behaves. Hello world, can you hear me? Meh, where’s the ‘preview’ button gone? Seems strange that years after I first started using ecto, nothing better has come along to challenge it … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m still alive. Hippo released CMS 7, a long-awaited update of their excellent enterprise document and content management solution, touting separation of concerns, an all-new Apache Wicket-based GUI and a super Apache Jackrabbit repository to replace the old and … Continue reading

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QT, GTK, Widget Toolkits, Web UIs

Toward the end of last week, Nokia made the announcement that they would add LGPL as a license option to the QT toolkit. QT is a highly-polished, well documented modern GUI toolkit – some consider it to be the best … Continue reading

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Capital benefits

When I moved to London, one of the things I was looking forward to were all the fringe benefits of living in our nation’s capital: being able to go to see plays, concerts, eat out at the finest restaurants, go … Continue reading

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Plane crash mash

So, shocking news that a plane crashed into the Hudson shortly after take-off yesterday. I’m sure it was a terrible experience for all on board, and it’s good to know there were no fatalities. That said, Hudson Crash Landing Still … Continue reading

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Worse than failure

I’ve started to receive spam phone calls on my mobile. The modus operandi is as follows: the phone rings, displaying a blocked number. When I answer, after a brief pause a recorded sales pitch kicks in, prompting me at various … Continue reading

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So, back in November I picked up the Asus EeePC 901 (901 specs), in the interests of research and geek fun. I installed Ubuntu Netbook remix on it, then plain Ubuntu, but it mostly languished on the shelf. I found … Continue reading

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14.4 oh yeah

y’know, a whole bunch of young’uns won’t understand this: dialup kid Technorati Tags: history, modems

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