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Mark the calendars

…. World of Goo should be available on wiiware in Europe some time in December. Nintendo, Goosters, I forgive you all! (But I’m still angry.) Previously: Saturday morning disgruntlement. Technorati Tags: europe, games, nintendo, wii

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eee pc volume

My eee pc was more like a mouse than a lion in the volume department. I had to turn the volume up to max, and still couldn’t hear much. It turns out the line out and pcm controls are inverted … Continue reading

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As I sit doing LiMo work on my netbook, with a new Linksys N router sat beside me ready to replace the ageing Fon this weekend, I read this interesting article on four disruptive technologies for 2009. Damnit, where can … Continue reading

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Future of Mobile

So, the start of this week was Future of Mobile, which brings together the pioneers of the mobile industry to talk about browsers, devices, standards, user-interface design and more. I was fortunate enough to go as one of my colleagues … Continue reading

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GMail hegemony

When talking about the eee pc I mentioned putting more data into the cloud – a fancy way of saying I’m using and trusting more online services. Here’s one example. Back in September I took the final step in my … Continue reading

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eeeeeeee! PC!

So, curious to see what all the fuss is about with netbooks, and fed up with carrying around a hefty collection of overweight laptops, I decided it was time to downsize to an Asus Eee PC. I picked one up … Continue reading

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It shouldn’t need to be said, but sometimes it has to be, so just in case: Anything I write here are my opinions only, and do not necessarily represent those of anyone else, especially any employer, my colleagues, or my … Continue reading

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Expo and Olswang, a time for conferences

It’s been (and looks set to be for the forseeable future) a time of conferences and workshops. A few weeks ago, I attended the LinuxExpo at Olympia (just 2 short minutes on foot from the office – gotta love London … Continue reading

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Forking blogs ….

Last weekend I was given a sharp reminder of the dangers of forking, modifying and otherwise patching a project. For some time now I’ve been disgruntled with the amount of comment spam getting through requiring moderation or deletion. It turns … Continue reading

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Evolution junk mail bogofilter-fu

I’ve been using Evolution as a mail user agent, primarily so I have a workable calendaring solution on Linux. Having tried out Mozilla Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lightning, with and without Google Calendar integration, I’m happy to use something that just works. … Continue reading

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