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Vista sucks

I don’t think Windows Vista is going to last much longer on my laptop. It’s been interesting getting to know the “latest and greatest” operating system out of Redmond, but it’s getting in my way on a daily basis now … Continue reading

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Open the phone

Tim Bray has some interesting things to say in Answer the Phone Call, a commentary on where to find opportunities in the tough times ahead. Whilst I broadly agree with his analysis – more phones are sold every minute than … Continue reading

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Saturday morning disgruntlement

Two things annoyed me this morning. Thing 1. Google. Specifically, Google Apps. Since switching to Google Apps, it has rapidly become an authentication bane of my life. Wanna share your Google calendar, use it in Thunderbird? Fine, except if it’s … Continue reading

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I felt bad for having missed the fact that Linus has a blog. Then I realised it’s only been there since the start of October. That’s okay then.

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Speedy mammal

Congratulations to my friends and former colleagues at Hippo for making the dutch Fast 50 again. This time they squeezed in at number 20. I don’t recall what number they were last year, but either way it’s great news.

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Going down a storm

I got a chance to play briefly with the new Blackberry Storm yesterday. First impressions were that it feels bulkier than the iPhone, but is a nice enough looking device. I wasn’t too keen on the italics on the keyboard, … Continue reading

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Green is the new black

It occurs to me that, in years to come, adages such as “I used to walk ten miles to work. Uphill. In the snow. With no shoes.” will be replaced with “I used to run make with single-digit values for … Continue reading

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Virtualbox shared folders with Vista Host and Ubuntu Guest

I’ve been using VirtualBox more and more on my Mac as a potential replacement for Parallels, and it’s great. (Parallels is also awesome, not least because it allows me to have a real bootable Windows partition which I can use … Continue reading

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Links for 2008-10-07

Catching up on what’s been going on in the Linux world, and more specifically getting up to speed on the mobile side of things for obvious reasons. Here’s a bunch of useful, interesting, quirky or otherwise notable stuff. Much more … Continue reading

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Links for 2008-10-05

I can’t figure out how to reinstate my Delicious links since upgrading to MovableType 4 (something to do with Action Streams? Lazyweb?), so here’s a bunch of links by hand: Don’t Alienate Developers iPhone vs. Windows Mobile – Apple vs. … Continue reading

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