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REST vs. WS-*

Heh: “Now, of course, our managers want Web 2.0 and Flash and a plastic rocket and a pony.” Fantastic comment by Robert Hook on Tim Bray’s blog post about WS-Enterprise, 2008. It’s worth reading the post and the comments for … Continue reading

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SpringSource and Covalent and Apache

Somehow I missed this yesterday, but SpringSource have acquired Covalent, as the January “month of M&A in OSS” continues. Ugo gives his view, as does Marc Fleury and Emmanuel Bernard. Marc’s analysis is interesting, though I think he only lightly … Continue reading

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Encore une fail

Just before Christmas, in anticipation of Time Machine, I bought a Lacie 1TB disk that was on offer from MediaMarkt. It’s a monolith-style black box, with two physical disks inside that appear as one contiguous space when mounted on the … Continue reading

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Airport down

Last Wednesday I got quite a shock when I opened up my laptop and tried to connect to the WiFi in the apartment: Fortunately after rebooting a couple of times, the Airport card magically reinstalled itself. Weird.

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(Open Source) software development best practices

Over the next few months I’m planning to post a series of brief pointers to what I see as best practices for team-based software development in an Open Source context (sometimes called Open Development). Some of these may seem to … Continue reading

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Joost in the style of uncov

Don’t get me wrong, I think Joost is a great idea and there are some fantastic people there, but really: FAIL. Last year: Transformers. Only in the US. Last week: Star Trek. Only in the US. This week: MacGyver. Only … Continue reading

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Bébé, Chouchou et moi

What’s not to like about a restaurant that does something so simple, so well? A great bit of steak with a delicious jacket spud, relaxed atmosphere and excellent service by a waiter who remembers you and makes you feel at … Continue reading

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MacBook Crash

My MacBook Pro shall henceforth be known as MacBook Crash. Since “upgrading” to Leopard, I’m suffering intermittent but incredibly annoying lock-ups. The symptoms are that the processor usage goes up to 200% (both CPUs maxed out). I see that DirectoryService … Continue reading

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Server hosting recommendations

I need to move a bunch of sites away from a server that’s due to be decommissioned in the next few weeks, so I’m looking for suggestions on where to host. My requirements (in order of decreasing importance) are: sensible … Continue reading

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To start off the New Year, my shower decided to celebrate by going on strike, just under one year since it last busted. I spent most of last year failing to find a spare day when I was in Norwich … Continue reading

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