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Quick, LazyWeb: what’s a good Sat Nav for a Mac user? My TomTom 910 is toast (after updating it, it won’t start up despite resets) and I’ve had it with TomTom Home (the desktop app) continually crashing on OS X … Continue reading

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Open Source software: is it really a free lunch?

This evening I’m participating in a debate alongside a legal counsel from Microsoft Research, looking at the rights, obligations and intellectual property issues around Open Source software. It’s organised by the Cambridge Network, and promises to be an interesting discussion … Continue reading

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Good thing I’m not right-handed.

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Push Pineapple

Sometimes the only way to explain the full rich tapestry of English culture is to, well, show it. So, without further ado (hahaha), here it is. Enjoy! Technorati Tags: culture, life, music, uk, youtube

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links for 2007-11-13 Suite | – Portable software for USB drives handy tools for on the road (tags: freeware software portable usb opensource mobile tools productivity windows)

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Sterling AWOL

Here’s a fun little hiccup in OS X Leopard: Those of you of a more British persuasion might notice the glaring absence of British Pounds Sterling from the list. The currency popup says “Currency exchange provided by Yahoo! Finance” so … Continue reading

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Mail update update

What did I do to cause this? I rudely deleted an IMAP folder within Mail. I know – I’m dangerous and impulsive and a destroyer of machines. I promise to behave from now on. I’ve seen the Problem Report dialog … Continue reading

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Mail update

After a lengthy discussion with the fine folks at Zimbra (who not only took time out to try and help me, but did so on my blog), it seems my Mail problems are twofold. Firstly, I’m running an old version … Continue reading

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Java 6 for Mac OS X

13949712720901ForOSX It would be nice to have the latest JDK on this machine now I’ve upgraded to Leopard. See also Geert, Torsten. Technorati Tags: apple, java, leopard, osx

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Zimbra + Mac OS X Leopard + = WOE

It seems that Zimbra and Mail version 3.0 (shipping with OS X 10.5, Leopard) are incompatible. I’m able to download, read, move and delete mail messages via an IMAP connection, but Zimbra considers all these messages to be unread and … Continue reading

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