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Tomcat 5.5 on Ubuntu 7.04 broken by default

We just got bitten by this, so beware: if you’re trying to get Tomcat working on Ubuntu, beware: there’s a bug that prevents it writing to the catalina.out log file. See the ubuntu bug and the upstream debian bug. The … Continue reading

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The jungle

In the spirit of Tim Bray, here’s a Friday photo of what’s going on in my garden at the moment. The recent travel and rains have made any kind of gardening nigh on impossible, but the trade-off is a huge … Continue reading

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Oxford Geek Nights

On Wednesday I attended Oxford Geek Night 3, as I was curious to see how it compared to Apache events and to the recent BBC/Yahoo Hackday. I have to say I was seriously impressed. There was an excellent turnout, a … Continue reading

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Travel update

So, since getting back from Brussels it’s been an insane time, clocking up a few thousand miles racing round the country. This morning I have a few minutes to catch a breath, so it’s time to catch up on a … Continue reading

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Back in June, I was paid the immense honour of being invited to become an Apache Software Foundation member. Shortly afterwards, David Reid asked if I would do an interview for FeatherCast, the unofficial podcast on all things Apache. I … Continue reading

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Licence proliferation part two

Following on from hearing about the event, on Tuesday I went along to the BCS Open Source Specialist Group to find out about a possible UK-specific open source licence. There wasn’t a huge turnout, and somewhat curiously no-one at the … Continue reading

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Bank charges

One of the most prominent “consumers fight back” stories of recent months has been over high street banks charging their customers excessive penalty fees, and a growing number of people taking them to court to recover those fees. Since my … Continue reading

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links for 2007-07-22

Bewilderwood – A Curious Treehouse Adventure Park near Norwich, Norfolk something for the nephews

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Licence proliferation

Dear BCS, Please don’t. Technorati Tags: opensource, licences

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Five and counting

So I’m on location for Sourcesense, working on some HippoCMS deployments for Belgian clients. Belgium is an interesting country, with some really tough multilingual challenges (with at least three official languages, it really takes content management to another level). Anyway … Continue reading

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