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Exercise deficiency

ARGH!!! Since when did the internet become the sole domain of the lazy-ass car driver? I’m trying to get a simple route map for a short walk across Brussels, and all the mapping sites I try insist on diverting me … Continue reading

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Forget about it

I just saw in my news aggregator that Joost has the entire season one of transformers now available. Now that’s what I call compelling content – excellent! (What can I say? I’m a geek, so sue me.) So I rushed … Continue reading

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Blast from the past

In my inbox, yesterday: D I T H E R A T I see the digerati dither, daily AWAKE AND STING “We’re baaaaaack!” Ditherati editor Owen Thomas, 25 June 2007 Hurrah! Technorati Tags: computing, culture

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links for 2007-06-27

Strange musical machines ( crazy (tags: music)

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links for 2007-06-26

The Open Source CEO: Gianugo Rabellino (Part 16) | The Open Road – CNET Blogs (tags: article interview gianugorabellino sourcesense)

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Dancing like your dad

Oh dear oh dear oh dear … watching BBC Breakfast News just now, they had Wayne Hemmingway on, talking about grotesque listed buildings. Ok so far. But then he talked about seeing enthusiast photos of listed buildings on websites like … Continue reading

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Nokia N95 day two

Some evil people are placing bets on how quickly I’ll start complaining about Vodafone, so I’m not going to do that. No, instead I’m going to complain about the N95 First up: I’ve discovered a bug (though I’m not the … Continue reading

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links for 2007-06-24

HOWTO: Fix WiFi dropouts on the Nokia N95. | Deciphered.Net (tags: n95 wifi mobile nokia phone hints howto tips symbian wireless)

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links for 2007-06-23

Nokia – iSync – Download software – Get support and software isync support for nokia phones, from nokia (tags: nokia isync mac osx apple phone Mobile series60 symbian software) Nokia (N95) mobile phones play nicely with Apple OS X guide … Continue reading

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Nokia N95 first impressions

I’m switching to a mobile phone network that actually has some coverage (Vodafone), and as part of the deal I’ve been forced (forced!) to get a Nokia N95 to replace my Orange Nokia N80. Keeping up the tradition set by … Continue reading

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