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Jim, on mobile phone operators: Are lock-in, restricted functionality, and price-gouging the best they can offer? Yes. Show me their incentive to improve.

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In a bipolar switch to rampant advocacy, anyone new to the Mac (hello, new reader!) might want to revisit my delicious recommended mac software list, some of which is unapologetically geeky but some also that are life-savers on a daily … Continue reading

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Damn, this is annoying. For some reason my Macbook is incapable of correctly storing the password for my FON access point. If I add it in System Preferences as a preferred network, it doesn’t connect correctly and looking at the … Continue reading

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links for 2007-02-23

YouTube – success: Richard St. John (from TED) This one’s for every time I’m at the wrong end of the entrepreneurial pendulum of mood swings. (tags: productivity video success)

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A better way? A week in the life …

Here’s the two forms, with all the correct signatures (a total of 12 signatures, I believe). Please check everything is in order and go ahead with setting up the account. It should only take a day, yes? … and then … Continue reading

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Contractors, developers, employees, oh my!

Ryan Carson is in line for the “most controversial blog post of Sunday evening” award with his entry on why you need to get rid of your freelance developer ASAP. One thing’s very clear from reading the comments: most people … Continue reading

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Travel trouble

Yesterday, I enjoyed two delayed trains and delays on the tube, so I decided that today’s trip to Leicester for the OSS Watch advisory board meeting would be by car instead. In theory it would take 3 hours 20 minutes … Continue reading

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Jumping on the bandwagon

This looks interesting – iTunes music library backup to Amazon S3. I’m curious to know how it works, and I’d already like to see it extended to backup my Aperture library too. The website is pretty sparse, so it’s not … Continue reading

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Fon not so much fun

So my free Fon wireless router arrived on Friday, and I’ve just got round to trying it out. It’s been something of a mixed experience, and not the smooth and simple setup I was hoping for by a long shot. … Continue reading

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links for 2007-02-17

Ten predictions for XML in 2007 (tags: xml 2007 predictions articles)

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