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links for 2007-01-31 » Blog Archive » Tool to fix Series60 mac address bug affecting Nokia N80 smart phones (tags: mac networking phone nokia n80 airportexpress)

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iFixit – iBook & PowerBook Parts (tags: mac Apple hardware repair howto parts powerbook)

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Digital Audio Video Experience. Smashing the hub and spoke model on a micro scale. Interesting, and serendipitous. I’m working from home today since it’s more conducive to writing – sitting in my lounge with gallons of tea on tap and … Continue reading

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JobKite: Spammers.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve posted a couple of job advertisements to, amongst others, Monster and LinkedIn. Towards the end of December, I started getting unsolicited emails from JobKite. This week, I’ve started getting unsolicited emails to a … Continue reading

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links for 2007-01-29

Groklaw – Searching for Openness in Microsoft’s OOXML and Finding Contradictions (tags: microsoft standards openxml ooxml odf)

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Flash Element TD | Novel Concepts Best game ever? (tags: flash free fun game) ROXIK | PICTAPS (tags: art design flash fun game drawing)

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Work on the lounge is, uh, “ongoing”. Not much remains to be done but I’ve hit a few snags, for example the back door recess is not big enough to fit blinds in without blocking the door from opening. There’s … Continue reading

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ApacheCon EU 2007

Ok, it’s official. Even though the website has been announcing it for quite a few days now, I was waiting to receive a confirmation email before getting excited. It looks like I’ll be back in Amsterdam in May: the ApacheCon … Continue reading

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Sourcesense news

Gianugo is visiting from Italy this week, which means apart from eating some of the best food Norwich has to offer, there’s some Sourcesense news. Firstly, for those that weren’t able to make it to the Open Source Business Academy … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago I joined the rank and file of car owners once again. After almost seven years of trying to convince myself and the world that you don’t need a car to survive, I gave up and became one … Continue reading

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