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Line Rider – beta by *fsk on deviantART (tags: flash free fun game procrastination)

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Bring back steam

More travel dissatisfaction. The weekday peak time for trains returning from London to Norwich has been extended to 3pm-7pm. That’s a four hour window where the price goes from a reasonable £35 to almost £70. In the mornings the window … Continue reading

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Nokia N80

One of the things that surprised me at both the Cocoon GetTogether and ApacheCon US was the level of interest in my new phone, the Nokia N80. So I figure it’s probably a good idea for me to share my … Continue reading

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I got to visit Milano for the first time this week, to work from the Italian office of Sourcesense for a couple of days. It was an interesting experience, but sadly the timetable and weather didn’t allow for any sightseeing. … Continue reading

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Home again

I made it back home safe and sound, after a reasonably uneventful journey. The most exciting part was fighting through my hangover on the flight from Chicago whilst silently cursing a certain french gentleman who got us started on the … Continue reading

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No party policy

You know, I have no idea what this could be referring to: No sir, no idea at all.

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So let me get this right – I can fly 4,923 miles from Austin, Texas to London Heathrow in 10 hours and 35 minutes, but the last 147 miles from Heathrow is going to take me another day? Apparently the … Continue reading

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Another year older…

… but apparently not another year wiser, judging from how my head feels this morning. I guess I’m pretty lucky to spend my birthday here in Texas with so many great people, although I must admit spending it in Rome … Continue reading

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links for 2006-10-09

Published papers — (tags: opensource research)

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Silly mistake

One thing I didn’t take into account whilst packing for ApacheCon was the fact that I didn’t actually need to bring any t-shirts. We’re only on the first day of the hackathon and I’ve already picked up two (of course, … Continue reading

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