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Orange meltdown?

I’ve been on hold to Orange this morning for 20 minutes so far. This is so I can chase them for the hundreds of pounds they charged me for calling their customer service line to sort out the problems they … Continue reading

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Over at the W3C they have just published a Public Working Draft of XProc: An XML Pipeline Language (via Norman Walsh). A cursory first glance suggests it duplicates much of the Cocoon sitemap, which yields two questions: Isn’t there anyone … Continue reading

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Almost all the components of my travel marathon survival kit have now arrived: In the picture: PSP, extra PSP battery pack, Worms, Grand Theft Auto, Firefly complete season DVDs, Sennheiser CX300 in-ear headphones, “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel … Continue reading

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GT redux

I present, without comment: Oh go on then, I’ll comment. Who is Joost, and why are they smiling?! The mystery of the dynamic signup image continues. Anyway, If you haven’t done so already, then run (don’t walk) to the Cocoon … Continue reading

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Journalistic (in)accuracy

I was reading an article on “Why Vista will mean the end of the Microsoft monolith” in The Observer yesterday (actually, it popped up in my RSS aggregator, but you get the idea). It was actually reasonably interesting, until I … Continue reading

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Jet-powered hamster

Most people are quite shocked to hear that one of the presenters of Top Gear was seriously injured after crashing at 300mph in a jet-powered car. I think donating to the Air Ambulance charity that carried him to hospital is … Continue reading

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Cocoon GetTogether update

Arj√© just posted the final program for the Cocoon GetTogether – an astounding 13 sessions, with an awesome amount of topics covered. It’s difficult to pick out which of the talks I’m most looking forward to. As of this writing, … Continue reading

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links for 2006-09-08

Battery Exchange Program iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 (tags: apple Battery Recall Powerbook)

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tom birthday

tom birthday, originally uploaded by savs.

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links for 2006-09-03

Werewolf (tags: games party fun social werewolf paranoia)

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