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The Best Canon EOS Lenses (tags: camera Canon eos photography lenses)

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Anyone for Amsterdam in October?

I’m heading back to the UK at the end of this week. After six months on-and-off in Amsterdam you’d think I’d be sick of it already, but no, I’m already really looking forward to coming back here again! The annual … Continue reading

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Strangest command: invoke the cotton buds!

In the office, just now: $ maven clean ear Well, it made me laugh.

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… from Brussels. A couple of photos on flickr; more to follow.

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Tomorrow I’m off to Brussels, to spend a couple of days helping some people develop a Hippo CMS website. Connectivity will be patchy so don’t expect swift replies to emails. I’ll be back on Thursday night, if I don’t drink … Continue reading

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Asking for trouble

Via TUAW: Microsoft are running a Vista quiz prior to sending people Vista CDs. For laughs I filled it in, getting an exceptional one answer out of eight correct. I think Microsoft might be taking a bit of a risk … Continue reading

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Hippo CMS makes war

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with the frighteningly smart guys at Hippo and with the genius Giacomo from Otego, to make the Hippo CMS run as a WAR (web application archive). Today was something of a breakthrough, … Continue reading

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Apachecon US …

A gentle reminder: the hands-on Apache Cocoon tutorial takes place on Monday, 9th October at Apachecon US. Come along to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Cocoon, and then some. Sign up as soon as you can … Continue reading

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links for 2006-08-17 The internet clipboard (tags: clipboard productivity tool tools collaboration)

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Today pretty much sucked. I had my wallet stolen, and spent most of the afternoon on the phone to the bank. Replacing my driving license, credit and debit cards is complicated by the fact that I’m living and working in … Continue reading

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