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links for 2005-10-31

jumpcut: a clipboard extender for os x (tags: apple mac osx software tools clipboard)

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rainbow Originally uploaded by savs. An awesome double rainbow took shape over Norwich this evening, making the afternoon of rain entirely worthwhile.

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That travel meme, updated

Progress on last year. I’ve done another 2% of the world. create your own visited country map

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rainbow, originally uploaded by savs.

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Front Row

Front Row is really, really good. Thanks to Marcus I got it running on my machine today. It’s a little slow in places: it struggles to play full-screen H.264, it’s sluggish to scroll through a full list of iTunes artists. … Continue reading

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links for 2005-10-30

Norwich Scuba Centre (tags: diving scuba)

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Now I understand why the video iPod was invented. Tiki Bar TV. Thanks for the pointer, Paul.

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Of mice and men

Ok, here we go… Last monday I went on a date with a wonderful Irish girl as a result of a conversation via an online dating site. (Pause a beat for people to conjure up their social stigmas and preconceptions. … Continue reading

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links for 2005-10-29 – Doing Business (tags: business development howto clients) How to Exercise an Open Mind – WikiHow (tags: howto lifehacks health)

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So yesterday evening I met up with Marcus, Bern, Chris, Thom, Tracey, Pier, and a whole host of other folks for beers, food, beers, vodka, and clubbing. Thoughts: Front Row is every bit the mouthwatering eye candy I’d hoped for. … Continue reading

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