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Windows Anti-Spam

This just in from my mum: Been away from my comp. for 3 days, and came back to 60 odd rubbish emails! Quite apart from the luxury of only getting 20 spams a day (I get around 300 even with … Continue reading

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links for 2005-01-30

Macworld: Prevent Mac Disasters (categories: mac)

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Rebuilding the Powerbook

As previously mentioned, fresh from the success of my hardware fix, I wiped the Powerbook’s hard drive on Friday evening, and started the slow process of rebuilding my machine. The main reason for doing this was that for some time … Continue reading

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iTunes and DRM

Since Friday evening I’ve been erasing and restoring my powerbook, to clean out some of the cruft, undo some of my early mistakes as a newbie mac user, and find out just how good my backups are. It’s been quite … Continue reading

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New blogger

Jeremy has just entered the blogosphere. Update your bookmarks and subscriptions, folks. He’s also got a new web address,

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John’s friend Laurie is hitting the low temperatures right now. Oh man, I wish we had those extremes over here. Update: er so it’s Lori. Apparently Laurie is her dad. oooooops

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British institution

Oi! NO! You don’t pile the kebab mix in the tray and put the pita on top. You’re ruining an institution. That’s all I have to say on this.

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Deconstructing my Mac

The combo drive finally showed up this morning, so I just spent a nerve-wracking two hours dismantling my powerbook and installing it. 26 screws, three connectors, some stress-relieving bubblewrap bursting, and three bits of sticky tape later, it’s up and … Continue reading

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Loving the iPod. What’s surprised me about it is the way it’s getting used, though. I thought I’d spend a lot of time listening to the ton of music I’ve got, and I do, but I’m predominantly listening to podcasts. … Continue reading

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Continental drift part 2

I’m tracking my replacement combo drive coming from Huntsville, Alabama. The order was processed on 12th, and shipped via USPS Global Express Mail, but unfortunately it didn’t make it to the nearest post office until 18th. Since then: ACCEPTANCE, January … Continue reading

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