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teachers in schools of design should be men who are in advance of their profession rather than safely and academically in the rearguard –Bauhaus: Philosophy via web-support

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Vic and Bob’s favourite distro

This would be another late-night fever-fuelled blog post. Now that it’s all public and stuff, I’ll write a bit about the new linux kid on the block, ubuntu … possibly the first linux distro to be inspired by Shooting Stars? … Continue reading

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Vitamins and the Common Cold

While I was visiting the parents at the weekend, I was warned about a cold that my dad has, and told to take extra vitamin C to prevent catching it. Yesterday afternoon, the cold began to kick in, and so … Continue reading

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NatWest online banking team don’t know HTML, browsers

I’ve complained before about how much NatWest online banking sucks and NatWest online banking stupidly requiring broken browsers, so I really should just STFU and switch banks … the difficulty is that it’s not just me that would need to … Continue reading

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ecto 2 beta …

Still got some teething troubles with ecto 2 beta. Too much line spacing, and I’ve lost the popup windows for images. Hrmph. Might have to revert to ecto 1 for the time being.

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CVS archives

It seems that one of the UK’s funding agencies is going to get some pretty good basic rules for software development projects soon, under the guise of an Open Source policy. I don’t want to be too specific since it’s … Continue reading

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Bristol, 5.15pm

Bristol’s Temple Meads station, as I head back to Norwich.

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Bristol, 5pm

If you look closely at the row of houses in this picture, they are each painted a different pastel shade. In real life, it looks fantastic. I would have whipped out the digital camera instead of the phone, but I … Continue reading

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Paddington, still too early for me

Two and a half hours, and I’ve only got to the other side of London :-/ Steven asks about booking UK rail tickets. Good question … there’s, but it’s probably easier (and safer, given the state of the British … Continue reading

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The providers screwing us again

Russ has an interesting commentary on the increasing adoption of mobile phones, and how the “all you can eat” bandwidth tariffs of the States put them in a prime position to overtake Europe in mobile services development. He makes a … Continue reading

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