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Happy Tax Freedom Day

Today is Tax Freedom Day. From today, every penny I earn is for me and not the government, in theory. Interesting to see that in Europe, this day doesn’t arrive until the end of next month. I wonder how this … Continue reading

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Thanks, Apple

A new update to OS X, version 10.3.4, hit the streets yesterday. Eager to take advantage of the “enhanced functionality and improved reliability“, I installed it first thing this morning before hopping on a train for a long day in … Continue reading

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Cocoon article

Google news alerts just pointed me at a Cocoon article on It’s mostly a fluff piece, and contains several mistakes (that’s Cocoon 2.1.5 guys, not 2.15. And it’s Stefano, not Stephano). Quite a nice bit of publicity though.

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Hot hot hot

Working from home this morning, while I wait for the post to arrive. The wonders of having a degenerating postal system that only delivers around noon Anyway. One downside I’ve found about shiny powerbooks is they are a nightmare to … Continue reading

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That’s enough, thanks.

Comments are now off by default. (Just gotta figure out how to retrospectively turn them off, too.) Score 1 to the spammers. Seems there’s a new exploit for MovableType with MT Blacklist. To get round blacklists, spammers are using entities … Continue reading

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Coo, pretty

From watching Designer of the Year 2004 tonight on BBC 4: play/create. I particularly like noodlebox.

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tcpsound and peep, NetNewsWire and ecto

Ted Leung talks about tcpsound and peep, tools which play sounds in response to network traffic. In a recent bid we put in to a large mobile phone network provider, one component was aural feedback on network status, using a … Continue reading

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The good life

During the last couple of weekends, I managed to steal back the odd half an hour here and there for myself (difficult, when the working week includes weekends and 48 hour days). It was well past time to tend to … Continue reading

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adopt your own virtual pet! (via stega)

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Dark side of the moon

Eclipse 3.0 M9 is out …. grab it while it’s hot. It doesn’t show up on the main download page just yet, but it’s on the American download site. Update: it’s also on some mirror sites, for example the UK … Continue reading

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