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Wireless as it should be: an incentive

So, here I am sat in the historic Maid’s Head hotel in central Norwich, making use of the free wireless networking on offer as a result of BTOpenzone’s free wireless week (which I heard of via a tip-off on the … Continue reading

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Hutton, BBC, Tony

The Hutton Enquiry is over, and the verdict is in. It seems to be that the blame is predominantly pinned upon the BBC. The result? Greg Dyke, a particularly effective and smart guy has quit. I was going to get … Continue reading

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

So, we’re getting a bit more snow today. It’s been forecast to hit on and off for the last couple of days, and last night there was a light fall. I woke up this morning to an icing sugar dusting … Continue reading

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Set Theory

I’m a big fan of the “picture on the back of a business card” art of Hugh MacLeod. I get a semi-regular dose via Ben Hammersley’s weblog. Today’s is particularly excellent, so I’ve reproduced it here: So very, very true.

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A New Hope

For the first time in about four years I’m watching the original Star Wars. I used to have a copy recorded off the TV on an old betamax tape, but the player packed up years ago. I then bought the … Continue reading

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I hate this world

On Friday night, I interrupted some thieves raiding the garden of a vacant house round the corner from me. I assume the old lady that lived there has passed away. The two eloquently spoken (in words of 4 letters) scruffy … Continue reading

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That travel meme …

I blame thom.

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When I’m 64

Sometimes I stumble across stuff on the net (via blogs, or news, or random links, whatever) that is really interesting, but that I really wish I hadn’t read. Like this article which hits so many nails on the head that … Continue reading

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Time to depose the monarchy. Arise, Sir Bill.

There’s a lot of things I dislike about the monarchy, but on the whole they are balanced out by a general feeling that they are good for tourism and they give the papers something to write about. This time, however, … Continue reading

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LotR: RotK

Diego saw Return of the King today, and had some comments to make, which I agree with on the whole. Funnily enough, I took my 9-year-old nephew to see it today. That was the third time I’ve seen it, and … Continue reading

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