Your mileage may vary

Whilst going over my MOT certificates last night, I noticed they include odometer readings. Time for some chart pr0n!


I acquired this car at the start of 2007. It seems my average mileage per year has been pretty constant, even without consciously trying to hit a certain point. The only dip was in 2008-2009, when coincidentally I also achieved Carte Blanche status on the Eurostar.

I suspect this year will be significantly lower, given:

  • the high price of petrol makes the choice between car and train travel a little easier
  • there’s better connections to airports from where I’m now living
  • I’m within walking distance of three decent supermarkets and have a smaller kitchen with less space to store large (car load) quantities of food

I suppose I should do the sums and work out the cost per mile for maintaining a car, and see whether it makes economic sense to keep it. Maybe it will give me an excuse to get a Brompton?

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