Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-13

  • @aral constructive criticism of technology is good, esp. with user stories, but FUD is not needed thanks. "PhoneGap = Air"? Disappointing. #
  • @aral No, I mean I'm disappointed in you, comparing a proprietary legacy solution with an open approach that facilitates web standards. #
  • @aral Heh if you don't like marketing, try instead? Not perfect for everyone, but helps some to leverage html css & js. #
  • @aral not involved in flex myself, but looks like a few apache sites struggling today as well. Will email ASF infrastructure… #
  • Name your price and help charity and get eight fantastic books in the first ever Humble eBook Bundle! via @humble #fb #
  • 5 stories up, going for a casual stroll in the sunshine. No safety rope or scaffold. #insane #

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