Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-06

  • @tko i'd change infrastructure. behaviour will always revert to type, but segregated cycling facilities mean behaviour doesn't matter. #
  • Excellent coffee and gossip with @SteveALee … nice chance to pick his brains on all things #a11y as well! #
  • "You cannot merge two or more Apple IDs into a single one."

    About to jump through horrible hoops to consolidate my data. Thanks, Apple. #

  • @ianvisits yes, the christmas decorations clash horribly with the halloween and valentines decorations. #
  • @gauravity iPad. Or Transformer. Worst case: Kindle Fire HD. If that doesn't work out, wait for the next Nexus tablet with mobile data. #
  • @virginwines marketing mailout fail: "Dear :NAME:"

    Steady on there … didn't realise we were on first :NAME: terms! #

  • #AppsWorld by the numbers: 51% of stands pushing epayment solutions. 42% pushing app development services. 5% not clear what they sell :-) #
  • @SeekTom yup, lurking at the back of developer zone at the mo, listening to @bmf talking about 'do stuff that matters'. #AppsWorld #
  • Cheng Luo talking about Tizen. He has Symbian and Maemo scars. Doing well, addressing ecosystems on first slide. #tizen #AppsWorld #
  • Huh nice. Developer mindshare mapped against platform openness. More open = less developer mindshare. Ooh, LiMo logo! ('users not in mind') #
  • What makes #tizen different? Best html5 runtime. Open. Freedom to innovate. Industry leadership. Speaker forgot to mention: no phones ;-) #
  • @dw2 asks 'how do you prevent fragmentation with your html5 changes?' Cheng answers: 'push changes back to eg w3c' #
  • Approximately double the number of attendees in the 'porting #android to #bb10 #039; talk as in the #tizen talk. #thirdhorse #AppsWorld #
  • Very cool live coding demo at the @twilio booth. Setting up a conference to dial in to w/ voice message & SMS response. #
  • @tomiahonen @asymco #tizen version of the galaxy s3 will be an utter failure. Where are the apps? Where are the maps? Where is the content? #
  • @asymco @tomiahonen iOS had first-mover advantage & flawless execution; Android has wide manufacturer support. See also #
  • @RussB you might also want to try out PathFinder; it's a superuser's version of Finder. #
  • Excellent conversations at the Open Innovation Network dinner last night. Fascinating to hear what they do and how they do it. #
  • Archive Utility seems utterly broken on OS X Mountain Lion. Anyone else experiencing problems with it? #
  • bikeshedding, literally! “@HaringeyCyclist: We're attending a meeting to discuss Bike Shed planning guidance in #Haringey next week.” #
  • Blackberry Tablet SDK install fails, doesn't like Adobe Air. #bb #
  • Latest #Virtualbox release seems horribly broken and crashy. Oracle extensions won't install in it. It's gonna be one of those days :-( #

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