Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-29

  • @ozten done …
    Struggling to reproduce; possibly a combination of new user and/or network issues? #
  • @tomiahonen I think your gut is wrong. 3 big OS platforms in smartphones in 2015 will be iOS, Android, & Windows. B2G, Tizen & RIM trailing. #
  • @tomiahonen Prerequisite for consumer success in mobile is solid commercial backing from one dictator, and a powerful integrated ecosystem. #
  • @tomiahonen the only variables are Amazon & Samsung, who have the potential to build challenger ecosystems. Just depends on their execution. #
  • @kaihendry assuming time capsule is mounted (in /Volumes/foo), check file perms, look for lock files, etc…
    Make sure other Mac not using it. #
  • @kaihendry give that a try – that file doesn't exist on my local instance. Make sure you have a backup (and/or rename rather than delete). #
  • I just got an extra 7.5 GB on my SSD. More disk space than the iPod had in 2001! Hurrah @DaisyDisk SSD is still tiny :( #
  • In advance of a longer blog post on the subject: Mobile Platforms in 2015 via @storify //cc @tomiahonen @cdaffara #
  • Over 30 years of internet discussion systems, and we ended up with Google Groups. Sometimes evolution doesn't work out so well :-( #
  • @Codepope heh … I'm just about to post the nightmare of getting it to build on Linux ;-) #
  • Password must be at least 8 characters. Must contain upper & lower case characters. But we won't tell you either of those things up-front. #
  • @kaihendry Just ignore the connection interrupted errors … I get them all the time here, it seems to be a bug in OS X … #
  • @Jobs_at_GDS: seems to be down … #
  • Wish all mobile platforms explained it like this! RT @brcewane: What makes up the BlackBerry NDK? Get an overview here #
  • Fix for annoying duplicates in "Open With" menu on Mountain Lion: Why does this bug keep cropping up, Apple? #
  • Becoming addicted to Sublime Text:

    Ooh, package management!

    Ooh, packages! #

  • @zathras yeah, it's like TextMate, but does some things better. Definitely takes time to get used to it, but worth the investment so far. #
  • Suspect tonight's Firefox OS meetup will show just how far web runtimes have come in a year. Fond memories of last year's WebOS meetups! #
  • @SeekTom kicking off the #firefoxos meetup @ #mozldn It's about the open web. Mozilla needs help to make this the best OS out there. #
  • #firefoxos #mozldn @seektom spotlights shining in audience eyes make it hard to see the speakers… #
  • #firefoxos anyone can make their own marketplace. It's just an API. Not convinced; marketplace fragmentation didn't work with android. #
  • @torgo asks about app security model. #FirefoxOS answer is signed zip. Insecure self-hosted web apps simply need a manifest. #
  • @Codepope asks is package exploded on installation in #firefoxos or run from zip? @codepo8 says still under discussion inc. atomic updates. #
  • @SteveALee really nice venue – you won't find it correctly on iOS 6 maps though ;-)

    Give me a shout if you fancy lunch or beer! #

  • @SteveALee I'm over near Canary Wharf but can get to most places in London. Will drop you an email shortly! #
  • Blog on hacking #firefoxos #
  • Somewhat amazing that BT Internet is dead for a second evening in a row. Is someone turning it off when they leave the office each night? #
  • "We currently have a problem affecting broadband in the following areas: London & the South East, & Birmingham". 3rd day of BT network woes. #
  • @tomiahonen @cdaffara my über-blog about mobile ecosystems in 2015 now live: Feedback welcome! #
  • @edent great post on what HP should do. Here's some >140c thoughts: #
  • "To fail at one mobile platform may be regarded as a misfortune. To fail at two would look like carelessness" #
  • @nearyd me, 10 min ago, borrowing from Oscar Wilde. Referring to HP, if they were to buy/build another mobile platform… #
  • Steve Jobs
    Apple CEO

    Tim Cook
    Apple's CEO

    Apple gets less formal, more friendly. #

  • Yesterday was "post the long blogs" day, including Mobile platforms in 2015: and What HP did next: #

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