NatWest iPhone App

It’s not a huge surprise that the iPhone app for NatWest users is a big user experience disaster. Never mind that during sign-up the bank asks you to submit your card number and security code, or that they ask you to select a new passcode that is unrelated to all the other pass codes already in use to authenticate you with the bank.

What really surprised me was that it takes up to 24 hours to verify your account before you can use the app. What could they be doing during those 24 hours?

I’m pretty sure that in those 24 hours there is a manual process involved, whereby someone somewhere transcribes my account details into a special ‘iOS app database’.¬†How can I guess this? Because they got my name wrong.

NatWest iPhone app

Despite every part of my account online reflecting my name accurately (not to mention every bank statement for the last two decades), my current account now belongs to “SavouryAJ”.

NatWest, for your buggy manual data transcribing processes, I salute you.

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