Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-15

  • @RoyalMail thanks for not delivering my nephew's birthday card, sent via Special Delivery. I really appreciate you ignoring your SLAs. #fail #
  • @danfooo doesn't macports go in /opt? followed by ;-) #
  • @danfooo the sudo rm -rf bit *should* do the trick (brute force approach); also check your .bash* files for any references to /opt/local #
  • @RoyalMail which number? The tracking number? Best if you follow me then so I can DM it. #
  • @Codepope good catch … will play around with formatting options, thanks. #
  • @mattb RabbitMQ exchange/queue/consumer is kinda handy, but not detailed. #
  • @sil afaict @bytemarkUK seem to have an awful lot of server failures lately, dunno if they are using cheap disks, or beating them with bats. #
  • @matthewpskelton @capotribu so much good sense packed into so few slides. You had me at "R-R-R-R". #continuousdelivery #
  • @RoyalMail require *original* proof of posting for a claim for lost post. If I send the original receipt, and they lose my claim letter … #
  • @BenedictEvans I'm always disappointed with an amazon book experience if the first page opened is _not_ a delightful cover illustration. #
  • @davidplans can you help? @rachelcoldicutt looking for academic researcher partners for a music education game //via @czajkowski #
  • @SeekTom I can't believe you put your cat in the fridge. That's so wrong! ;-) #

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