Jump to tabs in Safari

One of the major annoyances of Safari over Chrome and Firefox is that you can’t quickly jump to a specific tab in the browser. For example, in both Chrome and Firefox you can hold down Command-1 to jump to tab 1, Command-2 to jump to tab 2, etc. In Safari, the command-N shortcuts take you to bookmarks.

After searching for a solution for some time, I found reference to a solution in this Apple Support thread. The solution is command-number-tab: a ruby script that generates applescript that can then be assigned keyboard shortcuts using third-party programs such as FastScripts.

Here’s how you set it up:

  • Download a copy of command-number-tab from github.
  • Open a Terminal and type cd ~/Downloads/granth-command-number-tab-*
  • Build the scripts by typing rake install
  • Download a copy of FastScripts and copy it to Applications, then open it.
  • From the FastScripts icon in the menu bar, select FastScripts > Preferences.
  • In the preferences under /Users/<you>/Library/Scripts, look in Applications, Safari.
  • Against each “Go to Tab”, double-click on the right-hand Shortcut column and then hit the keyboard shortcuts you want, for example CMD followed by 1.
  • When you’ve set all the keyboard shortcuts, close the preference pane, switch back to Safari, and try it out.

You should now be able to jump to tabs just like in Firefox or Chrome.

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