Antipope the second

I previously had a bit of a grumble about The Antipope by Robert Rankin. Mr Rankin was decent enough to follow up with me on Amazon and Twitter, and to my shame he’d already pushed out a corrected version of his book by the time I figured out how to get hold of all the notes I made.


It turns out that if you go to and log in, you can get all sorts of useful content out. You’d think that would be linked from your account, for example under “Manage Your Kindle“, wouldn’t you? But no…

So anyway, I dug out the notes I made, and attempted to paste them in a reply to R. F. Rankin’s post on my review. Sadly, Amazon clearly has it in for me today, for I received the following missive:

Your reply to R. F. Rankin’s post:
** Your message will not be posted. Please see our Guidelines regarding objectionable content. 

Who knows what arcane rules I broke? And who can be bothered to wade through the guidelines, when a quick blog post and link will work around Amazon’s objections?

Herein, then, for no other reason than to communicate with @therobertrankin, is a list of the hiccups in The Antipope. And a solid round of applause for responsive authors who care about their audience. I shall now edit my review to be a little less harsh…

though,’ ‘Archroy told me he once saw a giant feral torn
At location 2008 Tom

gust of milk-white smoke into the air and crossed the earless
at location 2086 airless? earless?

in the Swan. He spoke of Soap Distant’s talk of .he
at location 2182 the

he been blasted to dark and timeless oblivion by the floor
at location 2265 Flood?

her unexpected guest in the passionate manner Omally had come ro
at location 2460 To

it then, I won’t touch it.’ ‘Hang a dishcloth over him’?
at location 2474 Him?'

of it. It was clearly the work of no mortal n\an,
at location 2847 man

was it any natural catastrophe, or at least none that I\have
at location 2848 I have

Professor’s eyes darted about the room. ‘It’s smoke, something is burning.’Pooley
at location 3184 burning.' Pooley

Omally was pointing desperately and yelling, ‘Light a fire, light afire!’
at location 3205 a fire!'

ritualistic movements of finding the first fag of the day. ‘
at location 3239 '

birds? He asked’
at location 3442 birds?' he asked.

that. ‘By
at location 3532 that.' By

at location 3579 the crowd,

at location 3664 it

at location 3664 coming

at location 3677 ??

at location 3730 Moity. Omally

at location 3840 lights
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