The Antipope

This review is for: The Antipope (The Brentford Trilogy)
(Kindle Edition)

1.0 out of 5 stars Interesting story ruined by poor spelling and typesetting,10 Jun 2012

The story is reasonably entertaining if a little slow to get going.

Unfortunately the kindle edition of this book was really let down by the significant number of spelling mistakes – many of which look like OCR issues rather than outright bad spelling. For example (this is just a few):
- “torn” instead of “tom” (2008)
- “earless road” — no idea! (2086)
- “.he” instead of “the” (2182)
- “ro” insteaf of “to” (2460)
- “him’?” instead of “him?” (2474)
- “n\an” instead of “man” (2847)
- “I\have” instead of “I have” (2848)
- “VFs” instead of “VIs” (3677)

There’s also a number of places where
inexplicably occur midway through a sentence.

The table of contents is also broken – many of the chapter headings take you to the table of contents itself.

If you want to enjoy the story and not be distracted by poor presentation, then avoid this Kindle edition at all costs.

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