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Kindle App on TouchPad

A couple of months already since my last reading update. A couple of busy months, so not much was actually read, but here’s what I did get through:

I’m still working my way through The Finkler Question which I mentioned previously, but I must admit it hasn’t really caught my attention. It’s a bit dreary, and rather overhyped.

I’ve also been reading more of these books on my TouchPad (see TouchPad kindling) rather than the Kindle, which has a mixed result on my reading. I tend to have books accessible more of the time (I always have at least one of the Kindle or the TouchPad with me). But when I have the TouchPad, it’s too tempting to catch up on news, twitter, email … so I maybe read proper books a little less. We’ll see how that pans out long-term.

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