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Here’s a quick summary of the articles I’ve had posted over on the LiMo Foundation blog. This is in some small part an apology for being so quiet here. I’ll try to keep this list up-to-date:

Some other content is well worth reading over there, including:

  • David Kordsmeier’s Mobile Java Matters, which is particularly pertinent and prescient right now: “For the LiMo Foundation, for the Apache Foundation, and for our friends at Google, getting Sun’s OK to move ahead with the dream of what Java could be is no longer necessary. We have to strike out on our own.”
  • Mal Minhas’ LiMo publishes the list of open source components in its platform. Publishing a list of components is not ground-shaking or innovative, but serves as a useful point of comparison / information on what goes into a modern Linux mobile stack. Do read the article though, for the discussion of costs driving the software bill of materials. This is why per-unit licensing must not become the de facto norm in mobile platforms.
  • Also by Mal, Analysing the Economics of Open Source. Useful for anyone trying to understand the importance of working with upstream projects.


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