Busy Busy Busy

It’s been a busy week.

accountants.jpgOn Monday, it was down to London to meet up with the accountants to deal with some outstanding paperwork (more on that at a later date). An opportunity to meet up with Jeremy and, later, Thom, and to indulge in a few pints before staggering back to Norwich in a tired alcoholic haze.

trinity.jpgOn Wednesday, I dashed over to Cambridge for the afternoon to catch up with Steven, who was over for the XMLOpen conference. I gave him the typical tourist tour round Cambridge, trying desperately to remember the snippets of history I learnt whilst living near there as a kid, from working there in my student days, and more recently. The weather wasn’t brilliant, but we got a few brief moments of sunshine. Naturally, we had to do the punting thing, and we also climbed the tower to the top of Great St Mary’s, from where you can look out across the whole city. My legs still hurt. It’s higher than you think.

On Thursday was another mad dash to London Town, to drop off Jeremy’s new powerbook. I got to visit his amazing flat, and his more amazing local pub. Within minutes, David was of course chatting to someone from Brooklyn and then another person from Italy. The guy somehow attracts every foreigner within 5 miles toward him, and usually the ones with a strange story to tell, too.

starwars.jpgOn Thursday morning a surprise package arrived, containing an early birthday present from the family. Good timing, as my willpower was just about gone and I’d almost completed the online order form. It’s good to finally have them in a format that I can watch (never having owned a video recorder since the taped-off-tv betamax copy I owned). Still, I do think the originals were better, before George Lucas monkeyed about with them in 1997. This feels like a good time to link to Penny Arcade.

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