Can you dig it?

undug_border.jpgSo, remember back when I was digging the garden over the bank holiday weekend? I finally finished the border from hell this afternoon, getting rid of the evil flowers that were threatening to take over the garden. Seriously, that green stuff in the top right of this picture is insanely lively stuff, and has been threatening to take over since I first planted a clump of it a few years ago. It sent runners right across the lawn … and survived being buried under a ton of soil.

dug_border.jpgThis is what it looks like now. The top corner is a bit of a mess where the grass was killed off (told you those flowers were evil), but I think I’ll round it off like the other end of the garden. Now I just have to work out what to plant in this border … I’m not a natural gardener (my fingers are anything but green), so it’s time to start reading some gardening web sites.

froggy.3gpOh yes – as Annie says, definitely a healthy garden. Three more frogs popped up during the dig-a-thon today, including the fellow in this video clip. Say hello to froggy. The only unhealthy thing in the garden would be me ;-)

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