Ethiopian dawnOne of the things that prompted me to start scanning photos was the recent string of articles from BBC News talking about Ethiopia (Ethiopians ‘rely on food imports’, Fears over Ethiopian resettlement, Soldiers demobilised in Eritrea). In 1999 I had the amazing luck to visit Ethopia to run a week-long course on HTML for the British Council, as part of a continuing skills trading programme between UEA and Addis Ababa University. The photos from that trip have languished in a drawer for far too long.

I’ve just scanned them all, and over the next couple of days I’ll go through them and add what details I can remember from the trip before uploading them. Until then, I’ve uploaded my favourite photo of the lot: Addis Ababa at dawn. My poor photography skills (and old scanner) don’t do it justice: the smell of wood smoke, the sharp morning air that already carries a hint of the day’s heat, and the call to prayers echoing over the city.

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