Diary of a switcher #4

finklogo.pngI needed to get Perl’s DBI database abstraction layer installed on the iBook in order to run various import scripts. PostgreSQL on Mac OS X helpfully told me to use fink, the OS X equivalent of the wonderful Debian package management system, so this was my first foray into the curious world of Debian-on-Mac.

This is what I learnt: tcsh sucks. I hate it. I’m really glad Panther allegedly ships with bash as the default. bash sucks less, as long as you set up the correct paths. I’ve forgotten how to drive dselect, as I’ve been using aptitude on Debian for too long.

Other than that, fink seemed to do the job:

Setting up dbi-pm560 (1.35-2) ...
Setting up dbi-pm (1.35-2) ...


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