3650 software

Nokia 3650Just been updating a few bits and pieces on the 3650, since I’ll be on the road again at the end of the week, doing a presentation on Open Source software at a JISC project meeting in Warwick.

Following on from the comments I got back from the blogplanet guys, I’m giving version 1.02 a whirl. Sounds like some of the annoying “confirm” menus have been removed, so I’ll see how it goes. I’m also trying azure, which looks like it might be a nice moblogging application – sadly, no picture support though. I really need to write that linux version of the image upload server.

A quick update of FExplorer to 1.10 and an update of Opera too, and I’m trying a new web browser, webviewer. I’ll report on how I get on with that.

For fun, I’m going to try the Gameboy and C64 emulators.

I also need to register WirelessIRC (I use IRC all the time, so having it when I’m on the road is useful), and HandyClock (because HandyClock’s multiple alarm is useful and the built-in Nokia clock application is truly awful).

Finally, I want to sort out why the gnome-vfs plugin for bluetooth doesn’t work for me. The temptation to be able to drag-n-drop files on my phone is too great. I want, I want!

Update: blogplanet’s update means it’s forgotten all the previously saved server settings and blog entries on the phone. It seems that 1.0 and 1.0.2 are installed side-by-side, instead of 1.0.2 overwriting the 1.0 app and inheriting the 1.0 data. No doubt this is due to limitations in the phone or somesuch, but still … grrr!

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