Ye gods!

deity_large.jpgAll this talk of gods and religions has reminded me of some early Luminas history — when we were trying to put a name to our ideas. So I just took a delve through the Luminas archive and dug out the file on the right.

Actually, naming the company was one of the hardest things we had to do. Hours spent sweating over dictionaries (multiple languages), thesauri, and the domain name registries. All the cool names seemed to either been registered as companies, as domain names, or both.

Some of the names we came up with in the early days included Clear, Industrial Digital Dynamics, and Alchemy. Deity was the front-runner for a considerable amount of time, and even made it into one of our business plans.

So it’s quite pleasing to see that orixo has some (unintended) roots in african religious traditions! It feels like we’ve gone full-circle. (And for the record, I actually think Luminas was the right choice for us, and thus far it has stood the test of time!)

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