Blogplanet thoughts

So, here’s what I think of blogplanet after a few weeks of using it.

First, the likes. I like that I can blog from my phone, and send pictures with ease. That’s it.

The dislikes are rather more extensive! Blogplanet is slow to start. This I guess is because it’s a java application and none of them are exactly speedy. Next up: menus. Most of the menus are completely daft with nonsensical options. Take for example the exit menu – if you click on exit, you get a choice of “No”, or “Options -> Yes / Options -> Exit”. Other applications let you exit immediately, or have Exit under the options menu, which feels more intuitive.

Pictures taken from within blogplanet suck. The quality is really low and so is the size. I read somewhere that this is because java apps don’t have direct access to the phone’s camera or images directory. Well, if this is the case, time to write the application in native symbian if you ask me (easier said than done, I know, but still – mobile picture blogging is a killer app, so sort it out!).

There’s no way to set the title in a blog entry, that I have found. But then, I have that complaint with mozblog too.

You can’t upload an image and a blog entry at the same time. You have to take a picture, upload it, then link to it in your blog. Not great if you decide that you want a picture after you’ve started to blog. The only way to add images after the fact is to send the entry, then edit and send again.

All in all, too many annoyances. I won’t be registering the software, I’ll just delete it and wait for a better mobile blogging tool.

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