Nokia 3650 GPRS connection with Mac OS X

Nokia 3650As I cycled home this evening, I thought “I really must set up my powerbook to make a connection via the mobile phone“. I’m off to London tomorrow, and there’s no guarantee I’ll have the opportunity to use a hotspot. All my linux-based 3650 connection scripts are sat on my old laptop in the office, so I figured I’d copy them over when I got home.

Imagine the amusement when I got home to find the NTL cable connection dead. After several minutes of head scratching, it transpired to be DNS problems rather than truly dead – which I could get round by bouncing off our server – but there was a brief pause while I cursed Murphy and all his laws for striking down my network connection right when I needed to set up the fallback.

Anyway – it’s now up and running. Here’s the information I used:

… and it works.

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