Tomorrow …

tnt_logo.gifOur Powerbooks are finally showing up on the TNT tracker this morning. A swift phone call to TNT confirmed that they should be with us some time before 2pm tomorrow. Hurrah!

Unsurprisingly, Apple didn’t phone to tell me this.

It transpires that TNT are getting calls approximately every ten minutes from frustrated potential Apple owners. I’m told that Apple are using the cheapest possible shipping arrangement with TNT, and that delivery could have been made up to five days faster with a better contract between Apple and TNT.

I’m sure many Apple buyers would be happy to pay the extra (we actually asked TNT if we could upgrade and get them here today, but it was too late). To be honest, I think Apple should consider upgrading their contract.

It’s all in the logistics. I’ve gone from enthusiastically waiting for the powerbook to being disenchanted and depressed by the whole customer experience of the last few days, being told many different stories and never knowing if the delivery van pulling up outside was carrying our kit or not. This means that when the powerbooks arrive, I’m going to be so much more sceptical and determined to make sure there’s not a single problem with them. Hardly the sort of atmosphere Apple wants to create, I’m sure.

As David said, Apple have some amazingly talented people in their hardware and software divisions, responsible for churning out some of the best computers on the planet. What a shame, then, that they are let down at the very end by the simple problem of shipping a package from one place to another in a timely manner.

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